Due to COVID-19, our bar will be closed until further notice.

Private Bar at Our Virginia Bed & Breakfast

Guests can enjoy handcrafted cocktails, wine and beer and our inn’s private bar. Try the delicious wines stocked at our bar many of which are from our very own vineyard. Although our bed and breakfast and vineyard is known for its wine, our bar is stocked with liquors and other libations that you can enjoy too. Unwind with other guests and swap nostalgic tales or new stories from your stay.

#2 pencils and composition books entitled “Why are you in detention” are provided. It’s amazing what confessions you will find, and we hope you will add your own.

New at the Hope and Glory! Extraordinary Wine – ON TAP!

Thanks to Robert Mondavi for giving America a jump start when he created the winery tasting room and filled it with wine educators, most Americans can today compete with the world on recognizing discriminating wines. Wines have evolved from corks to screw caps – good move; bottles to boxes – a not so good move in most cases.

Now the Hope and Glory is introducing to our area a relatively new delivery approach – “wine on tap”. Yes, wines on tap! Hold on, there is a surprise ending to this storybook move.

The surprise is – the wines on tap are ultra-premium; and, not everyday tap. The inn has earned itself a high-class reputation so it should come as no surprise that it selected ultra-premium wines on tap to keep that reputation intact.

How appropriate for this bar’s new tap to include a 2018 Sauvignon Blanc from Benziger Family Winery voted the best winery in Sonoma; and, a 2018 Maison Saleya Rose’ from Coteau d’Aix-en-Provence, a region in France where rose’ is king.

Picture caption: The inn, once a schoolhouse and the original Chesapeake Academy, has a bar called Detention. Up on this bar’s chalk board walls is the inscription – “Write 100 times – I will not drink bad wine and drive”. Even with the new tap wine, this will not likely happen.