Everything You Need to Know About the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail

Where can you find eight incredible wineries with some of the most exquisite wines in the country? Right here on the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail! We encourage you to take a trip to the Northern Neck and explore each one. Here, you can pair your glass of wine with remarkable views, beautiful weather, and friendly people. Find out everything you should know before your trip — you’ll be a wine aficionado in no time! Take a look at our free Vacation Guide, too. It’s your essential guide to the trip of a lifetime in the Northern Neck!

What Is the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail?

The Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail features a total of eight wineries in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula regions of Virginia. Readers of Virginia Living voted it the best wine trail in Eastern Virginia in 2013, and, more recently, Savor Virginia readers praised it as the No. 2 wine trail in the whole state! Explore some of the wineries that have garnered so much acclaim over the years.

  • The Dog and Oyster Vineyard: Of course, your first stop on the trail should be our lovely vineyard! It’s just a short walk from Hope and Glory Inn. Stop in for a tasting of our medal-winning wines at SIP or satisfy your hunger with delicious oysters at SLURP!
  • Good Luck Cellars: Next, visit Good Luck Cellars. Owners Paul and Kate began pursuing their passion by making wine in their backyard, and now, they tend to a sprawling vineyard in Kilmarnock!
  • Ingleside Vineyards: Continue your wine tour at Ingleside Vineyards, a Virginia favorite since 1980. Their wine varieties have won several awards over the years. Try them all and pick your favorite!
  • Caret Cellars: While it doesn’t have the same history as Ingleside, Caret Cellars is still an exceptional winery worth visiting. Here, you can taste their wines while getting a tour of the winemaking process!
  • General’s Ridge Vineyard: At General’s Ridge Vineyard, you’ll find 14 varieties of grapes growing in the fields and a list of delicious wines as a result!
  • Jacey Vineyards: Don’t forget to try the wines at Jacey Vineyards. They have several wines with artistic designs on the bottle. You can drive there or take your boat and use their convenient dock!
  • Oak Crest Vineyard and Winery: Enjoy the serenity of this rural escape in Virginia. Visitors may sit back and enjoy a glass of wine by the gardens or on the quiet patio.
  • Vault Field Vineyards: Another popular destination for wine in the Northern Neck is Vault Field Vineyards. They work hard to take care of their vineyards, and it shows in the taste and quality of their wines!

What Is the Best Way to Tour the Wineries?

If you want to get the most out of your wine tour, make sure you pick up a free passport. It includes a brochure and a map, and you can earn rewards for visiting multiple wineries. What’s better than that? Don’t forget to grab a tasting pass as well. For just $30, you get one free tasting at each of the eight wineries. That adds up to an incredible value!

Are There Any Upcoming Events?

There are so many fun things to do on the Chesapeake Bay, and the Wine Trail organizes some exciting events as well. If you like oysters, you’ll be happy to know that there are annual Oyster Crawls in both spring and fall! You can also check out Holiday Open Houses at the wineries, a Wine & Cherries Weekend, and plenty of wine festivals. Don’t miss out!

Where Is the Best Place to Stay on the Chesapeake Bay?

Cottage 3 at Hope and Glory Inn

To have the ultimate experience along the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail, we encourage you to stay at the Hope and Glory Inn in Irvington, VA. The Dog and Oyster Vineyard is just a short walk from our elegantly designed rooms. As soon as you open the door and step inside, you’ll realize why our guests come back again and again. You can even sip our medal-winning wines on a peaceful cruise down Carter Creek!

Consider Cottage 3 for a comfortable room filled with natural light and bright decor. You have no choice but to be in a good mood in such a peaceful atmosphere! There’s even a private garden patio to enjoy on sunny days and cool evenings. With exquisite wines and luxury lodging, who wouldn’t want to experience the Northern Neck? Check our availability and book your stay today!

For more information on wineries, restaurants, and events, get your free Vacation Guide to Irvington! It’s the perfect travel companion with dozens of ideas for fun things to do in the Northern Neck.