Why You Need to Visit the George Washington Birthplace National Monument

Do you know what makes February 22nd, 1732 such a significant date in history? It was when the first president of the United States was born! Today, you can take a journey through time and visit the George Washington Birthplace National Monument. It’s a must-see destination for any history buff, offering insight into the early life of this American icon. Take a look below to see what you can find here and why you need to check it out! Just remember to explore our free Vacation Guide to discover even more historical sites and museums throughout the area!

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The History

The main attraction when taking a George Washington Birthplace tour is, of course, the incredible history here! If we travel back along the timeline, it all started with a man named John Washington, who eventually became the great-grandfather of George Washington. In 1657, he arrived on a merchant ship in what would later be called Colonial Beach, VA. The farm he developed then turned into the birthplace and early childhood home of the first American president!

Young George Washington lived here until he was about four years old before moving to Mount Vernon. Hundreds of years later, various artifacts, ceramics, jewelry, and more have been discovered here from the Washington family! Check out the Visitor Center to see some of the remarkable exhibits and pick up a souvenir from the bookstore!

Fun fact: The Northern Neck is the birthplace of three United States Presidents! After George Washington, both James Madison and James Monroe were also born here!

The Scenery

Not only do the historic sites provide insight into colonial life, but they also create a charming atmosphere. While the original house George Washington was born in burned down in 1779, the foundation has been discovered and preserved. Today, you can walk up to the site, which is outlined in crushed oyster shells. Additionally, you can find recreated houses resembling the time period, a working colonial farm, and an herb and flower garden with plants they likely grew in the 18th century. For an additional scenic adventure, feel free to take a stroll down the two-mile nature trail or pack a lunch for a delightful picnic in the park!

Keep in mind that the George Washington Birthplace hours change seasonally, so visit their website to stay up to date!

The Celebrations

This local attraction isn’t just the site of past events. You can also look forward to joyous celebrations in the future! Some of the George Washington Birthplace events include Christmas parties, harvest festivals, and even birthday celebrations for our first president! Take a look at the calendar and see what’s coming soon, so you don’t miss out!

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