A Chesapeake Bay Event Venue

If you need to hit the books, we’d love to host your corporate meetings, retreats, and other business gatherings. Businesses, both large and small, enjoy working with Hope and Glory Inn for our personalized approach to your event and our venue and amenities that rival most other hotels.


For starters, our property is fenced and hedged offering a “compound” feel that brings everyone closer together.

We provide a dedicated meeting facility. All of our professional gatherings meet in our fully renovated Library, located adjacent to our pool. The Library can accommodate groups up to 25. Our hotel offers 16 accommodations for attendees.

The Library is a well-equipped facility with a vaulted ceiling, comfortable seating, and flexible table arrangements. There is also a kitchen adjacent to the meeting area and a bathroom. Unique amenities include a gas fireplace for the cooler months; and, a view of our pool for the warmer days. It’s a theater with SONOS surround sound and 70-inch monitor for laptop hookup.

If you’d like to bring your group closer, this venue will encourage all visitors to get to know one another better, share ideas, and participate in activities in a creative atmosphere. The Hope and Glory Inn takes pride that it has taken imperfections and made them perfection. It can do the same for you. What better place to be creative.

Guests will also have access to the entire property for privacy and enjoyment. Breakout sessions may also be held in the Inn, the fountain patio, pool, our bar Detention, the second-floor deck, or in our gardens (weather permitting).

We also offer teambuilding experiences from scavenger hunts to sailboat racing.


Our hotel in Irvington features amenities including:

  • Internet connections from anywhere on our property.
  • A renowned chef who makes the simplest request a delightful dish and whose direct involvement creates an unforgettable and unmatchable culinary experience.
  • A meeting space and cloistered property that creates the very best of “out of the box thinking.” The compactness of accommodations, dining, and meeting space creates the bonding and loyalty every company seeks.
  • Property owners who are committed to being directly involved, which is most assuring in this world of passed down responsibility.
  • The VIP commitment – the treatment for every guest – to the belief that everyone is special.