Wine glass and oystersThis Tiny Coastal Virginia Town Is Home to the Ultimate Oyster (and Wine) Lover’s Getaway Coastal Living

“As the sun sets and frogs chirp just outside the screened-in cottage of tables, vineyard owner Dudley Patteson’s eyes sparkle behind tortoiseshell glasses. The former Washington, DC, banker and his wife Peggy also own Irvington’s acclaimed Hope and Glory Inn, a converted 1889 schoolhouse with a spa appropriately named Recess and bar named Detention. Patteson affably pulls up a chair and happily shares the vineyard and region ethos. “Oysters and wine both have a sense of place,” he says. “Here you get both grown together; that’s unique in the world.”

-June 12, 2019


Vineyard's Rescue DogDog-Friendly Virginia Wineries Foodie Travel USA

“The Hope & Glory Inn, a longtime favorite lodging option in the Northern Neck, acquired an existing vineyard in 2011 that the innkeepers’ son Mark Hollingsworth was managing. Named for the family’s rescue dogs—who guard the grapes from native wildlife—and for the area’s prized bivalves, the Dog & Oyster Vineyard is a healthy walk or short bike ride away from the Inn and from the town of Irvington. Just look for the giant corkscrew and you’ll know you’ve arrived!”

-April 18, 2019


View of front of Hope and Glory Inn6 Unexpected Destination Wedding Locations That Are Non-Cliché In The Best Way The Zoe Report

“Couples who enjoy historic ambiance should look no further than Irvington, Virginia. “For smaller, more intimate weddings, couples will fall in love with the enchanting Hope & Glory Inn, which used to house an elite boarding school in the late 1800s,” says Caroline Logan, director of communications for the Virginia Tourism Corporation. The property offers English gardens, 16 guest rooms, a gourmet chef, a floral designer, and an on-site officiant. Guests can also enjoy spa services, including the outdoor garden bath (“a must-do experience!”), as well as charter the Inn’s boat.”

-April 17, 2019


A Foodie Road Trip of Historic Proportions TravelZoo

“Also worth a visit: The Dog and Oyster in Irvington, where the wines are crafted to pair with the area’s famous oysters (more on that in a minute), to say nothing of what may actually be the world’s largest corkscrew.”

-April 3, 2019


Corkscrew SunsetA Tast of the Northern Neck RVA Traveler Magazine
“The Dog and Oyster Vineyard in Irvington invites guests to take a trip through its giant corkscrews and into the midst of its grapevines, which are responsible for a list of award-winning wines. Pair them with the local oysters at the Sip & Slurp stand. Keep an eye open for friendly dogs wandering the grounds. Owner Dudley Patterson, who also owns The Hope & Glory Inn, has rescued each one and brought them home to watch over his grapes.”


New Shuckapalooza event will give folks a behind-the-scenes look at Virginia oyster industry Richmond Times Dispatch

“East vs. West Shuckdown: At Dog and Oyster Vineyard in Irvington, visitors can see to what extent oysters and wine grapes take on the taste of where they are grown. In a truly culinary experience, folks can compare the pairing of Dog and Oyster wine and Rappahannock River oysters (the West) with pairings of Chatham Vineyards wine and Shooting Point oysters (the Eastern Shore).”

-January 22, 2019


top wedding vendorTop Wedding Vendors 2019 Virginia Living (page 18)

“Here you will find our list of more than 800 of the industry’s best wedding professionals in all of five regions of the Commonwealth. Virginia Living’s editors reviewed thousands of vendors in more than 30 categories and selected only those that are recognized for consistently delivering the highest quality products and customer service.”

-January 2, 2019


An Oyster Lover’s Guide to Northern Neck, Virginia Washingtonian

“Wild-oyster season kicks off in the fall on Virginia’s Northern Neck. Spend a weekend eating plump and perfect specimens—and even learning to harvest them.”

“As for the rest of our time down in the Neck, we unashamedly pigged out—oysters raw, fried, roasted, and stewed. (To save money for such gluttony, we spent the night in a lovely Airbnb in Irvington. Swankier options include the Tides Inn resort and the Hope and Glory Inn.)”

-October 10, 2018


Hope & Glory Inn Chesapeake Heaven VIVA Tysons Magazine (pages 122 &123)

“The fabled Hope & Glory Inn…

Delightful owners Dudley and Peggy Patteson have designed a living dream, an inimitable romantic escape.

Chef Meseret, fluent in English, Amharic from her native Ethiopia, French, and Italian, sang us the “Coquelicot” song in French, and we all joined in for “Le Pont d’Avignon.”

No nuance is overlooked, down to the marine-inspired Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy detoxifying sea kelp shampoo, moisturizing sea moss conditioner, relaxing sea fennel body lotion, and exfoliating sea salt soap.

Mary (breakfast server) said it best. “I love to see the guests come, but I hate to see & ’em leave.” Well fret not, dear Mary, just like the migratory coastal birds that fly back to the Bay each spring, everyone is certain to return to the Hope & Glory. If not, they may well be given Detention. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?”

-July/August 2018