Changes & Improvements bring New Experiences

2021’s pandemic prompted us to make some changes to keep our guests and staff safe from Covid. These changes ended up being so brilliant and so well received by our guests, we have decided to keep and continue all of them.

The first was to move our fine dining experience to our hotel’s majestic and grand 1300 square foot lobby and call it The Colonnade.

The second was to deliver breakfast to our guest accommodations. Absolutely every guest is delighted to have “room service” and Morning Chef Peggy Patteson’s picnic breakfast box is a culinary treat and stylishly presented.

The third is we sold back to the developers the real estate associated with our vineyard of 10 years and moved our vineyard business to the front of the Hope and Glory where we have created a micro-vineyard and oyster bar. This new upscale venue is clearly going to be the most memorable oyster and wine experience – ever!

To book your stay at Hope & Glory Inn, plan your trip online or call us at 804-438-6053.